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MAYSA Club Forms & Procedures

This page is for MAYSA club administrators.

MAYSA League Rules

MAYSA Club Procedures:

MAYSA Team Registration

for GOTSOCCER scheduling
  • Click here for Club Team Scheduling Spreadsheet

  • Club Registrars: Complete Spreadsheet for Fall season, and Update for Spring season.

      Automatic blackouts for Fall-- Classic league:
    • (season always starts after Labor Day)
    • Reddan Toe Bash
      Automatic blackouts for Spring-- Classic league:
    • Reddan Spring Shooutout
    • Memorial Day weekend
      Automatic blackouts for Spring-- Rec league:
    • MAYSA Cup
    • Memorial Day weekend

    Click here for Instructions for completing spreadsheet.

      Classic Team Spreadsheets Recreational Team Spreadsheets
    2014 Fall Team Due Dates July 8, 2014 July 15, 2014
    2015 Spring Team Due Dates January 13, 2015 January 20, 2015

MAYSA Dates & Deadlines

MAYSA Registration Fees

2014-15 Fall & Spring Registration Fees:

MAYSA Club Tryout Rules

MAYSA League Referee Fees


Paper registration forms are only an alternative to online registration to a club, for instance if your club does not have online registration set up. All player registration forms are sent to a MAYSA Soccer Club, not directly to MAYSA.

Any WYSA form may be used in place of a MAYSA form. They are interchangeable.

WYSA Online Form Links

All tournaments require paper waiver forms. MAYSA teams that already have MAYSA paper registration forms may use these in place of the WYSA waiver at all MAYSA/Reddan tournaments. Use the 'WYSA Event Waiver' form for other Wisconsin tournaments.

Clubs that have 'League One' online registration have pre-populated 'WYSA Member forms' accessible to teams. These forms only require signature and date and may be used as waivers for any WI tournament. Contact your club for more information.

MAYSA Birth Year Guidelines

MAYSA Roster Size and Limits

Field Grant Program

MAYSA Board Forms

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