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MAYSA Kindergarten Program

MAYSA Resource Center
Administrators and Board: Business

MAYSA Clubs Best Practices Recommendations

  • MAYSA's compilation, taken from various sources.

Top 10 Tips for Non-Profits

  • Insights

Free Complete Toolkit for Boards

  • Extensive, helpful link

Basic Sample of Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

  • Helpful hints for writing Board minutes

Charitable Law, A Guide for Board Members

  • Fiduciary dutees of trustees and directors of charitable organizations

WYSA Insurance Program Summary

  • WYSA's insurance program covers all registered members and players of teams and leagues. The details are provided here.

Administrators and Board: Player Development

**NEW! Enhancing & Optimizing the U9 and U10 Experience within MAYSA

  • MAYSA's new program for reducing travel, and putting young players first, at the U9-10 age groups throughout the district.

US Youth Soccer Player Development Model

  • US Youth Soccer's curriculum for clubs from the Under-6 to Under-19 age groups. The curriculum is designed to serve as a standard to guide clubs how to effectively train athletes of all levels and abilities.

How do we measure success?

  • US Youth Soccer's overview of player development, asks 'How do we measure the development of the player?' Guiding principles for your club.

MAYSA Player Development Curriculum

  • MAYSA's one page guide for the development of youth players, technically, tactically, physically & mentally across the age levels. An overview based on a variety of resources, this is useful information for administrators, coaches, and parents.

Administrators and Board: Grant Opportunities

US Youth Soccer Grants Program

  • US Youth Soccer's program offers grants in the form of soccer equipment from US Youth Soccer's official equipment supplier, adidas. A new program this fall offers grants to help recreation programs in need of assistance to maintain and grow.

Administrators and Board: Parent Education

**NEW! Attitudes are Contagious

  • Attitudes are Contagious, Parts I and II - are now viewable on Youtube. These excellent videos were produced by Massachusetts Youth Soccer.

Positive Parenting for Youth Soccer videos

  • Positive Parenting Videos Parts I, II, and III are available for embedding and viewing on your club website (see below) from this US Youth Soccer resource.

Administrators and Board: General Information

US Youth Soccer Workshop Presentations (downloadable)

  • US Youth Soccer's Adidas' workshop presentations include topics for Administrators, like 'Tax Updates for Non-profits' and 'By-laws and Policies'. Coaching, Health, Parent resources as well.

Club Resource Library (downloadable)

  • US Youth Soccer Region 2's library of usable documents for Clubs, Leagues and Associations for set up and operation.

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