Who coaches Kindergarten soccer? Volunteer parents! Interested? Read more:

You don't have to know soccer; a love of the game is a plus!
You do need to get a WYSA Coach Pass, a simple registration with the Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association (WYSA).
You do need to take a first level ('Y1') Coach Clinic from WYSA.

No problem! MAYSA hosts a FREE 'MAYSA Kinde' Y1 Coach Clinic before the Kindergarten season starts.

  • Tuesday April 12, 2016
  • Break Away Sports, 5964 Executive Dr Madison 53719
  • 5:30pm to 9pm

This coach clinic teaches basic techniques for managing play days, specifically geared to our youngest players. It is free to all volunteer kindergarten coaches if you follow the procedure below. Registration is online only.

How to Register for a Coach Pass and the MAYSA Kinde Coach Clinic
Before you start: If you want the actual pass card, have available a digital picture. You can't get a coach pass card without one. (You can, however, register for both pass card and course without a photo, and elect to get your card at a later time, after photo has been supplied.)

Being a Kinde Coach is a lot easier and more fun than registering to become one! Taking the Coach Clinic is lots of fun too. Wear comfortable clothes and expect to run around (roll on the floor/chase people and kick balls!)

Questions? Contact us at maysa@maysa.org. Thanks for your time, on behalf of the MAYSA Kindergarten Program!

Reddan SP