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MAYSA and the following affiliated soccer clubs in Madison (Regent SC, Magic SC, Shorewood SC, and Capital East SC), work together to offer this popular kindergarten youth soccer program.
The program serves families of children attending kindergarten in the City of Madison. (Preschool children are not eligible for this program).
This program begins in April and ends in June with the MAYSA Kindergarten Jamboree. Click here for the Kinde Calendar.

MAYSA started this program in 1992 in an effort to give younger children a positive first experience in soccer with kids their own age and ability.

Our philosophy is a simple one, play the game and have fun doing it!!

All games are 3 v 3 (two games simultaneously), no scores are kept, and goalkeepers are not used, so there are lots of chances for both teams to score.

Teamwork, good sporting behavior and fair play are the most important 'skills' each player should develop from this program.

The goal is always FUN!

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