MAYSA Kindergarten Program: Parent Information

Welcome to the Madison Area Youth Soccer Association's (MAYSA) Kindergarten Program!
The basic philosophy of this program is FUN and PARTICIPATION.
MAYSA uses the small-sided approach at its younger age levels. This method, which is endorsed by US Youth Soccer, provides children with a playing environment that maximizes touches on the ball. Kindergarten teams play 3v3 with two fields playing at once. The small number of players on the field is less confusing. Simultaneous games actually de-emphasizes over-coaching and returns the game to the kids to discover. You can help your coach out by volunteering to help him or her 'manage' the players who are not in the game at any given time.
Please take a moment to read the additional information that is provided below. If you have any questions, please ask your coach or contact MAYSA at 276-9030.  Have a great season!
Here are a few tips that you can follow to do your part in making your child's soccer experience a positive one:
  • Bring your child to practice on time and stay at practice with them till they are finished. Kids love to show Mom and Dad how hard they can kick and how fast they can run.
  • Coaches and Managers are volunteers!! They have been gracious enough to give up their Saturday mornings in order to provide a safe fun atmosphere in which your child can enjoy the game of soccer. Treat them with respect and appreciation, without their help your child would not be able to participate.
  • ALWAYS be a good sport on the sidelines. Never ague with the referees calls or belittle a player on the field. Remember they are just 6 yrs old and deserve to be cheered for their accomplishments, great and small. Win, lose it doesn't matter, soccer is your child's playtime not performance time. We do not keep score or maintain standings in the Kindergarten League.
  • Don't out coach the coach. Too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the soup, the same holds true for soccer. There should only be one person giving directions to the players, otherwise they just get confused and frustrated. LET THEM PLAY!
  • Practice with your child at home. Kick around the soccer ball in your own backyard, the kids will love it and you might even enjoy it a little too. Playing the game yourself will give you a greater appreciation for how challenging some of the skills are that your child is learning!
Reddan SP