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(The following excerpted from MAYSA's Consolidated Policies & Procedures:)

Age Exceptions

Age exceptions may be made in the MAYSA Recreational Leagues only. There are no age exceptions for Competitive Leagues. This policy is based on the following:

WYSA's Age Exemption Policy

This policy is intended to permit students in the same school grade, born shortly before the age cut off, to play soccer with their classmates on recreational teams that are registered through WYSA.

    The following criteria must be met for Age Exemption Eligibility:
  • The request for exemption must be initiated by a playerís parent(s) or guardian in writing to the Club.
  • The player must be participating on a recreational team playing in a recreational division of play.
  • The player must be in the same school grade as his or her teammates.
  • The player must not be more than six months older than the normal August 1st deadline.
  • All of the following three forms of documentation must be kept on file with the Club which may be reviewed at any time by their WYSA District or WYSA for compliance:
    1. The playerís parent(s) or guardianís request for the age exemption in writing.
    2. Written statement from the respective teamís coach indicating that the player wasn't an exceptional player and was appropriate for the teamís league placement.
    3. Written approval by a Club official.
    The following limitations will apply to teams with over-age players:
  • A maximum of TWO overage players are allowed per team.
  • Should the team wish to participate in a WYSA/US Youth Soccer sanctioned tournament, it would have to participate at the age appropriate level.
  • Age exemptions are not permitted for any competitive (classic, premier, etc.) team.

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