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(The following excerpted from MAYSA's Consolidated Policies & Procedures:)

MAYSA Age Exemption Policy revised 4.22.2014

This policy is intended to permit players in the same school grade, born within six months before the age cut off, to play soccer with their classmates on Recreational or Classic teams that are registered through MAYSA. Each exception must be reviewed and approved by MAYSA. **This policy does not extend to the Club Pass policy: e.g., a U13 player within six months of the age cut off (i.e., technically U14), rostered to a U13 team, cannot Club Pass to another U13 team within his or her club.

This policy is to be considered provisional for the 2014-15 registration year. The MAYSA Board will review and/or revise this policy prior to the 2015-16 season based on observations and feedback.

    The following criteria must be met for an Age Exemption to be considered:
  1. The request, in-writing, to MAYSA for exemption must be initiated by Club President or designee.
  2. The player and club should be prepared to provide documentation of grade level such as a school ID. MAYSA reserves the right to review and verify.
  3. The player must not be more than six months older than the normal August 1st deadline.
  4. Sufficient time must be allowed for all requests for exceptions on behalf of a player or players by Clubs within Classic level to be reviewed. Each request may be reviewed by designated members of the MAYSA Staff and/or Board who reserve the right to approve or deny exceptions. Additional information may be requested within this process.
    The following limitations will apply to teams with over-age players:
  1. Two (2) players, maximum, per team for Classic. Some additional flexibility may be considered for Recreational.
  2. Should the team wish to participate in WYSA/US Youth Soccer-sanctioned tournaments separate from those sponsored by MAYSA the approval would be at the discretion of the event.
  3. Age exemptions are not permitted for any competitive teams participating at the WYSA State League, Wisconsin Developmental Academy or Midwest Regional League. Similarly, the exception is not permitted for teams participating in US Youth Soccer Association Championship series events. This includes the WYSA State Championships and Presidentsí Cup.

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