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(The following excerpted from MAYSA's Consolidated Policies & Procedures:)

MAYSA Club Passing Policy

Club Passing is an agreement between teams in the same club to allow players at appropriate age levels to join other teams for league or tournament game play. The following is based on WYSA Club Pass policy, which may be viewed here.

Club Passing for ALL Teams

A club pass is defined as use of a registered player from one team’s roster for competition with a different team in the same club. The club pass is designated as an intraclub player arrangement and is not intended to be used as an interclub arrangement between two different clubs.

Effective August 1, 2013 players are eligible to be club passed to any team in their club provided they are age appropriate. There is no limit to the number of club pass players per competition however the maximum number of players shall not exceed the allowable number of players as designated by State policy.

Teams that make use of club passes must designate on the official game report (or game day roster) the names and player registration numbers. Additionally, teams using club passes will need a copy of the official WYSA “club/district authorized official roster” for each team the club pass players are coming from.

The club president or director of coaching will oversee the implementation and be responsible for compliance to WYSA policies relating to club passes. A player’s first obligation shall be to the team they were rostered to for the seasonal year. No male players will be allowed to participate in a female league unless designated as a co-ed league which permits male and female players on the same team and within the same league.

All tournaments sanctioned by WYSA have been encouraged to recognize player club passes. In the event that a tournament allows the use of club passes, those players shall not count as guest players for the event. Guest players are generally from another other club and are countable against the maximum number of guest players allowed in a tournament.

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