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(The following excerpted from MAYSA's Consolidated Policies & Procedures:)

Field Maintenance and Development

A Field Coordinator has been designated for each field. The Field Coordinator maintains the schedule for the field. The Field Coordinator may also limit games or practices on a field if the field is deemed unsafe or unplayable. Games take precedence over practices. Fields cannot be reserved for practices or scrimmages. They are available on a first come first serve basis. Practices can be conducted on any flat, grassy area and need not be on the field itself. If you have questions or concerns about the fields, contact your soccer club or MAYSA. Do not deal directly with city or school officials unless directed to do so by MAYSA.

Since most fields are public property, we share responsibility for their condition:

  • Before each game, everyone should make a concerted effort to remove all rocks, sticks, and litter from the field.
  • After the game, please pick up all litter.
  • Avoid practicing on a wet or heavily worn field.
  • Do not allow players to kick the line markings or dig at the turf with cleats.

Field Paint and Goals/Anchoring

Field Paint expense is the responsibility of the party maintaining the field being painted.

Beacon Athletics
A source for field maintenance equipment and information. Refer to MAYSA and receive a discount!

Keeper Goals
Keeper Goals, a source for field equipment. Refer to MAYSA and receive a discount!

All goals must be securely anchored. Games should not be played on fields with unanchored goals. Please notify the MAYSA office if this occurs.

MAYSA Field Development Program

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