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(The following excerpted from MAYSA's Consolidated Policies & Procedures:)

Game Cancellations: Forfeits, Weather and Field Conditions

Forfeit Criteria and Game Cancellations

A grace period of ten minutes beyond the scheduled game time is permitted for teams to arrive, after which time the game is declared a forfeit by the absent/understaffed team. Each team must have the following minimum number of players present for a match to commence:

U7, U8 3 players
U9, U10 4 players (including goalkeeper)
U11, U12 6 players (including goalkeeper)
U13, older 7 players (including goalkeeper)
HS Small Sided 6 players (including goalkeeper)

For leagues in which scores are kept, a forfeit will be recorded as a 0-1 loss for the absent/understaffed team.

Field & Weather Conditions and Game Cancellations

MAYSA does not cancel games due to weather conditions. Field conditions, however, may merit game cancellations. Cancellations due to field conditions are made by coaches and club field coordinators by early morning prior to the game, or by referees at game time.

The referee may cancel a game at game time or anytime thereafter due to lightning or other severe weather.

MAYSA Severe Weather Policy

Referees must suspend a game if they hear thunder or see lightning. All participants are to move away from the fields and into a storm shelter or vehicle. Referees are to keep participants away from the field and not to restart the game until at least 30 minutes following the last detectable thunder or lightning.

At the field, the decision to stop, suspend or terminate a game lies exclusively with the referee regarding any other severe weather conditions.

Game Cancellation Decisions

Prior to a MAYSA league game, early enough to notify all parties on the day of the game) games may be cancelled due to poor field conditions.

  • MAYSA makes the determination to cancel games due to field conditions for Reddan Soccer Park only.
  • The Madison City Parks Department makes the determinations for Madison city parks.
  • Field Coordinators for Clubs make determinations for their leased fields. They may work with the Parks departments as well.
  • Home coaches may also make the decision to cancel a game due to field conditions.
For Club In-house league games (leagues formed within the club), contact the Club for policies regarding game cancellations and reschedules.

Once the game has started, the decision to stop play rests solely with the referee. If the game is called prior to half time, the game is to be re-played in its entirety. If the game is called at halftime or any point thereafter, the game is considered a complete game and the final score stands. Referee(s) shall be paid in full for games which were started but had to be terminated at any point due to weather.

Game Cancellation Checklist:

  1. Make a determination on the day of the match as early as is reasonably possible, if cancellation is appropriate ‘due to field conditions’. (A trip to the field for direct observation is recommended.)
  2. For Recreational games, the HOME coach is responsible for:
    • Notifying their opponent’s manager or coach
    • Notifying their club's Licensed Referee Assignor to alert referees
  3. For Classic games, the HOME coach is responsible for:
    • Notifying their opponent’s manager or coach
    • Notifying Linda Huttenhoff ( as soon as possible to alert referees

MAYSA reserves the right to issue penalties for failure to observe these notification procedures. The following are potential consequences for the team's club:

  • Not notifying the opposing team about a cancelled game: $50 fine
  • Not notifying the referee(s) about a cancelled game: Fine equal to the total fees due to the referee(s).

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