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(The following excerpted from MAYSA's Consolidated Policies & Procedures:)

MAYSA Recreational League Play

‘Recreational League’ may refer to MAYSA Recreational league, or a Club’s In-house recreational league, which is a league formed with teams of one club by that club or a sub-set of designated MAYSA clubs.

Recreational League Rules

All teams are formed at the club level according to club missions and by-laws; however the following are WYSA, adapted by MAYSA, guidelines for Recreational Teams:

  • The use of tryouts, invitations, recruiting or any like process to roster players selectively to any team on the basis of talent or ability is prohibited.
  • The club or district administering the league accepts as participants in the league any and all eligible youths (subject to reasonable terms of registration).
  • A system of rostering players is employed for the purpose of creating a fair or balanced distribution of playing talent among all teams participating.
  • Each player shall play at least half of the game, provided they meet the Club’s established requirements.
  • All teams under the age of 10 (U10, U9, U8, U7, U6, U5) are considered recreational teams.
  • No travel permits will be issued for U8 and younger teams for out of state travel.
  • Awards for U10 and younger recreational teams in a tournament will be participation awards.

Recreational Player Rules

  • All players U10 and under may not be allowed to play up on a recreational team more than two age group levels above their true age group.
  • A U10 player is considered ‘recreational’; however, a U10 player may be rostered to a competitive U11 team.
  • A U10 player may not play up beyond a U11 age level competitive team.
  • WYSA has adopted an “Age Exemption Policy” whereby districts may adopt policy permitting overage players to be rostered under certain conditions.

Age Exceptions for Recreational Players (see 'Age Exceptions' in the League Rules)

Club Passing for Recreational Teams (see 'Club Passing' in the League Rules)

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