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(The following excerpted from MAYSA's Consolidated Policies & Procedures:)

Obtaining and Paying Referees

Referee Assigning

WYSA states that ‘Only referee assignors with an appropriate level of licensing may schedule referees for WYSA sanctioned competitions, including leagues and tournaments.’ Specifically:

  • U9 – U14 MAYSA Recreational Leagues: All MAYSA scheduled games will have the referees assigned by a Licensed Referee Assignor. Each Club should contract with a Licensed Referee Assignors for their recreational games.
  • High School Small Sided, Classic and State Leagues: Teams in these divisions have their referees assigned by the MAYSA Licensed Referee Assignor, based on availability.

Referee Fees

  • Classic League and State League games: Each team pays half.
  • MAYSA Recreational league games, including High School Small Sided: The home team pays the entire fee.
  • Club In-House Recreational league games: Contact the Club that organizes the in-house league for payment rules.
  • In all leagues, fees should be paid to all officials before the game starts.

More on Fees

  • "Referee(s) shall be paid in full for games which were started but had to be terminated at any point due to weather." More on Game Cancellations
  • (Clubs pay a fine for:) "Not notifying the referee(s) about a cancelled game: Fine equal to the total fees due to the referee(s)."
    Referees should file a 'Team No-Show report'.

    See the MAYSA website ('For Referees' section) here for current Referee fees.

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