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League One Information

Parents: All players registrar through a soccer club (not MAYSA). (See MAYSA Soccer Clubs for a complete list of club websites, in order to register a player.)

League One (Admin site - go to Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association)

WYSA "About League One"-- training links, support information, more.

League One User Guide (large download).

Addendum to User Guide (revised, download)

Frequently Asked Questions for Club Registrars

What is League One?

League One is the online registration database program for all players in WYSA (Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association). Clubs enter players into League One, either manually, or through an online registration link on their website. Contact a League One Account representative if your club is interested in 'going online'. About ClubReg

All player registrations are visible to the state level. All players and teams are subject to WYSA/MAYSA rules and permissions (age restrictions, team roster limits, etc), which are built into the software. Contact MAYSA ( with further questions.

MAYSA League Rules - League rules for player registration and team creation are integrated into the League One program.

Are there MAYSA/League One deadlines?

Suggested Deadlines Fall Season Spring Season
Registration of Players to clubs
*All registrations are YEAR-long by default
June 30 Dec 31 (new players only)
Competitive Teams set up & approval requested in League One
MAYSA sends player passes to managers/coaches.
August 1 March 1 (new teams only)
Recreational Teams set up & approved in League One August 15 March 15 (new teams only)
  • MAYSA and WYSA team rosters must be complete, teams approved by the start of season play. But since MAYSA scheduling must start much earlier, clubs notify MAYSA about their Classic and Rec teams months before that. Clubs set their own deadlines for registration according to whatever process allows them to know about the teams they want to participate in MAYSA leagues. 'Safe' club registration deadlines are suggested above.
  • All competitive teams must be 'approved' in League One by MAYSA before MAYSA player passes can be issued. Clubs request team approval from MAYSA once all approval criteria is satisfied, after building competitive teams. (The 'Valid?' button on the Team Maintenance page in L1 will let you know if criteria has been met.) It is in your interest to have your roster as complete as possible before approval. After approval (team is 'Active') all movement of players is a 'transfer', subject to 'transfer rules'.
  • The sooner your rosters are approved, the sooner MAYSA can send out player passes.
  • Therefore, don't hit 'approve' until your rosters are set, but give MAYSA adequate time to send out passes.
  • Rec teams should be approved before start of season. They do not require MAYSA approval - club approval is sufficient. Afterward, send rosters to your rec coaches. All rec coaches should receive a 'WYSA Team Roster' in addition to a Contact list.
  • For all divisions, players may be added at any time up to the roster limit.

Which Divisions should I use in League One?

Please use the following league categories ONLY:
Division (for Player AND Team) Description
In-House (Side by Side) Teams playing within Club
U6 to U8(2 side by side fields)
In-House Teams playing within Club
U9 and above (single fields)
Recreational Teams playing in MAYSA Recreational League
U9 to U14
Classic A, B, or C Teams playing in MAYSA Classic League
U11 to U19
State Second Division, First Division, or Premier Teams playing WYSA State League
U12 to U19
WDA Teams playing Wisconsin Development Academy
U13 to U19
MRL Teams playing Midwest Regional League
U13 to U19
Pool Recreational (to U12) New category, see below
Pool Competitive (U11-U12) New category, see below
  • Note that the 'Rec (Side by Side)' category should NOT be used.

Transfer Policy

Now that all player registration and movement is tracked in a single database by the state, it is necessary to make all transfers according to the League One program design. Here are simple instructions for handling ANY player movement (=transfer) from one team to another in the same registration year:
  To Team in Same Club To Team in Different Club
Competitive Player Email transfer request to MAYSA, no form required. Use WYSA Transfer form. See: WYSA Form and Policy
Recreational Player Email transfer request to MAYSA, no form required. Use MAYSA Transfer form. See: MAYSA Form
  • Note that Registrars are not able to add players that have been registered to another club in the same registration year. Likewise, MAYSA is not able to simply drop players from one club, and add to another club. All player movement in the registration year is considered a 'transfer'.
  • Please also note that the transfer limit of 3 per accepting team per year is firm with respect to competitive teams.
  • However clubs (especially in areas with fewer team options) needing to re-group their rec teams for extenuating circumstances (eg: insufficient numbers) should include their circumstances in transfer requests to MAYSA. Waivers to the transfer limits for rec teams may be possible, pending state approval.
  • Emailed requests should to to ''.
  • A complete version of the WYSA/MAYSA transfer policies may be found here.

Who creates Player Passes from League One?

  • MAYSA will continue to make Player Passes.
  • Clubs should provide MAYSA with birth certificates for all NEW competitive players. The verification then stays with the player's account, and does not need to be repeated year to year.
  • Passes are sent to managers of all Competitive teams before the season starts.
  • Rec teams don't need player passes except for tournaments, or for players who club pass to competitive teams. They can always be requested from MAYSA with submission of birth certificate. There is no charge for the card.

How should Team ID's be created in League One?

  • The first three digits of the six digit ID should always be your existing club number. (Club Numbers) Use whatever scheme you choose for the last three digits. The team ID must be unique for each team within your club, but the same team ID's may be used in subsequent years.

Do Parents still have to sign a paper waiver form? see: NEW WYSA Membership Form, League One compatible

If your club has online registration, contact League One support to add the new WYSA Membership Form to each online registration program’s ‘Documents’ (in the online setup section – it must be added to EACH program you’ve created). If you include the ‘Medical release & waiver’ text from that document (copy and paste) in the ‘Polices’ section of the programs (don’t forget to require the electronic check-off from registrants), this will satisfy the WYSA requirement that all parents ‘sign’ a waiver.

BUT paper copies are needed for league games and tournaments, so--

  • The pre-populated form can then be printed right from the receipt after registration online, and also from the emailed receipt to the family.
  • Registrars, managers, and coaches can also access and print off those pre-populated forms anytime. Login to your L1 admin account and go to your Team; from there to ‘Print Roster’ – select the WYSA Membership forms, which are all pre-filled out from the online reg. They will need only signatures from parents.

Coaches/manager should have these signed copies with them at all games. These paper forms sufficient as waivers/medical consent for all tournaments in Wisconsin. Print one set and you’re done - No more multiple forms, no more filling out different waivers, just sign and save!

NEW: What is 'Pool Registration' ?

'Pool registration' in League One is now possible for age groups up through U12. 'Pool Rec' and 'Pool Competitive' are the two new divisions available, along with the other divisions MAYSA uses: MRL, WDA, Premier, 1st & 2nd Division, Classic, Recreational, Inhouse and Inhouse(side by side). The simplest explanation is that all players in an age group (U12 or below) may be put in one ‘Pool’ group (no size limit). In effect, a player can register to the club, and is not bound to only one team in the club. It becomes the club's responsibility to manage the player's playing time according to best practices.

Once that whole age group is approved (with respect to player age, one coach per 12 players), ‘Pool/Event rosters’ with a selection of players can be created from it to use at specific events (can be league games or tournament games). It is subject to the same approval rules as for teams – roster limits apply to ‘Pool/Event rosters’.

The best time to use the new divisions may be when you set up programs in L1 for Fall.

Read about WYSA Pool Registration.

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