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Parents: The Game

First, ONE sort of Soccer Mom...

ATTITUDES ARE CONTAGIOUS! Catch some good ones..

US Youth Soccer's 'Positive Parenting Videos, Supporting your child in soccer.

FIFA Laws of the Game

  • The Rules, per FIFA, the international governing body for Soccer.
    (MAYSA adaptations available here.)

MAYSA's Recommendations for Sideline Behavior

  • MAYSA's guide for sideline behaviors that benefit the players and the game. Useful for coaches and parents.

Parents: The Players

**NEW! Enhancing & Optimizing the U9 and U10 Experience within MAYSA

  • MAYSA's new program for reducing travel, and putting young players first, at the U9-10 age groups throughout the district.

MAYSA Player Development Curriculum

  • MAYSA's guide for the development of youth players, technically, tactically, physically & mentally across the age levels. An overview based on a variety of resources, this is useful information for administrators, coaches, and parents.

US Youth Soccer's Video Station

  • US Youth Soccer's collection of videos on all topics of soccer, for players, parents, and coaches.

Parents: General Information

US Youth Soccer's Positive Parenting DVD

US Youth Soccer's 'Parent's Resource Library', All about how to support your child in soccer.

US Youth Soccer Workshop Presentations (downloadable)

  • US Youth Soccer's Adidas' workshop presentations include topics for Parents.

US Youth Soccer

FIFA World Cup

  • The biggest sporting event in the world!

US Soccer

  • Home website of the US national teams.

Wisconsin Soccer Central

  • The Madison/Wisconsin soccer community's website. It tracks Prep, Club, College, and Amateur soccer leagues in the Madison area and well beyond, along with complete news about the players and teams. 'Where's the game?' Look here.

'Sign Up Genius'

  • FREE online tool for creating and managing group sign up lists. Recommended by 'professional' soccer team managers everywhere!

The The Football Association (FA) is the governing body of football (soccer) in England. This fun video highlights the FA's 'Respect'(for the referee) campaign. (Cameo appearances by World Cup Final referee Howard Webb, and England's national team manager, Fabio Capella!)

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