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MAYSA League Schedules and Standings

“Not everything that counts can be counted and not everything that can be counted counts.”

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MAYSA 2016 SPRING Season


January 27, 2016

Classic Schedules - DRAFT

Spring 2016 Classic League Schedule
(Girls U11-14 & Boys U11-19)

Classic reconciliation 'week' is now through February 19

MAYSA Classic League Fields

MAYSA Rec Team (U11-U14) Alignments - DRAFT

Mixed/Boys U11 - U14

Girls U11 - U14

Rec Boys and Girls (U9-U10) alignments will be finalized after club alignment meetings mid February.

(About the Draft Alignments)

How to Report Scores:

The Home coach/manager should report the score.

Know your Game number before you start. Game #'s are on your schedule.
Know which is the 'home' and 'away' score.

  • Call 1-866-391-0662 (GotSoccer, toll free)
  • Enter your league Event ID #s:
    • MAYSA Spring 16 Classic League Event ID= 51172 (then press #)
    • MAYSA Spring 16 Rec League Event ID= 49941 (then press #)
  • Follow prompt, pin number= 9030 (then press #)
  • Follow prompt, enter game number and scores as directed.

U9/U10 Recreational teams: Please report scores. Scores will not be publically posted, but they are very important to helping us re-align teams for the following season. Soccer is much more fun when teams are properly aligned. Thanks for your help!

NEW Convenient score reporting ONLINE! Click here: Gotsoccer Score Reporting OR, go to 'Scoring Input' under 'Event Scheduling and Scoring' on the Log-In page. As before, have your Event ID and game number ready.

Weather and MAYSA

MAYSA does not cancel games for weather!

MAYSA will only ever close fields at Reddan Soccer Park, in the event of poor field conditions.

Your Team's Procedure for Game Cancellations

Your Team's Procedure for Game Reschedules

MUCH more useful information may be found here, in MAYSA League Rules

The Archives now have their own page, see here.

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