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Madison Area Youth Soccer Association

Covid-19 Related Updates, Information, and Resources

MAYSA Covid-19 Update

April 16, 2021

Return to Play Protocols for Spring 2021 -- Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association has shared this useful information.  Much of it is similar to Fall 2020 guidelines and there are some points of emphasis for MAYSA:

  • MAYSA is strongly urging nonplayers -- i.e., substitutes, coaches and spectators to wear masks.  
  • MAYSA is is strongly recommending that during practices mask-wearing is regularly observed for most of the practice. 
  • MAYSA asks that each club and team have a culture that support the family-level decision as to wear a player wears a mask or not.  Some clubs will have their own, internal policy or expectations regarding face coverings.  
  • Be aware that some venues will be requiring mask-wearing for everyone.  We are still in the process of receiving this information from clubs and will share to necessary teams next week.  
  • Spectators situated on the same sideline as their team/players.  The diagram included should be helpful. 
  • Please, no team snacks, post game hand shakes or high fives.  
  • Please be aware of isolation and quarantine guidelines set forth by Public Health Dane County Madison (click here). 

Staying safe and smart will help us get through the season with our health while also avoiding disruptions.

April 9, 2021

Most of you are now starting the Spring 2021 season with practices, games or tournaments.  And there are now some important updates to the COVID-19 protocols as a result of Public Health Dane County Madison's (PHDCM) most recent Order #15, dated April 7.  We have summarized the most significant changes below and more detail will be posted in the middle of next week:

1)  While MAYSA strongly encourages the continued use of face-coverings/masks they are no longer required for outdoor activities (exceptions noted below).  MAYSA, in collaboration with its affiliate clubs, reviewed and discussed this change to the Order and wish to make the following points of emphasis:

  •  Clubs and teams should create a culture that supports the family-level decision to wear a face covering when a player is competing during practice and/or matches outdoors.  Similarly, accept family-level decision to not wear a face covering when actively competing.
  • We would ask that coaches, spectators and any player not actively competing in a match (i.e., a substitute) wear a mask.   We feel that this is a reasonable request and one which we currently see in collegiate and professional sports; including during the recent NCAA basketball tournament, NFL and MLB games.  
  • Please be aware that there will be some venues throughout the MAYSA district where face coverings for everyone will still be required.  These venues make face coverings a requirement for access & usage.  MAYSA will communicate to teams which venues have a face covering requirement. 
  • If a Club operates an “In House” program or league (i.e., where teams only play other teams from within their own club) they have the discretion to require various protective measures, including face coverings.

2)   Physical distancing and number of spectators -- A minimum of 6-foot distancing is still required between those not from the same household under the updated Order.  And while there is no specific limit to the number of spectators, MAYSA implores all families to discourage anyone not from your immediate family or home from attending a match or practice unless they have a necessary role in transportation for the player participant.  Carpooling should also be avoided or minimized.  

  • For matches, where the field space allows, the team (players and coaches) and spectators from the home team should be on the same side; away team and spectators on the opposite side. 

Due to Covid-19, the past year has obviously been frustrating and challenging on many levels.  Hopefully, we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  The importance of navigating to safe harbor collectively is paramount so that we can avoid postponement of games & practices and keep everyone safe & healthy. 


Covid-19 Protocols