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Madison Area Youth Soccer Association

    MAYSA League Score Reporting

    Go to 

    1. Enter Pin # (9030)
    2. Enter the game # (from schedule)
    3. Check that the correct game is displayed, then confirm by clicking "confirm."
    4. Enter the score for each team, then click "submit."

    Every age group should report scores, to assist with aligning teams in the most competitive division appropriate for them.  Some scores/standings may not be published online.

    MAYSA League Schedule

    MAYSA League Rules

    Reddan Soccer Park Tournaments

    Changes to Laws of the Game for Current Season

    Presentation and written summary of this season's changes to FIFA/IFAB Laws of the Game

    About League Play MAYSA

    About League Play MAYSA

    Madison Area Youth Soccer Association

    Phone: 608-276-9030

    Lost and Found at Reddan Soccer Park

    Lost and Found at Reddan Soccer Park

    Becoming a Referee

    About refereeing in the MAYSA district:  see  MASRU

    Become a soccer referee from the comfort of your own home!
    Click here to find out more.

    Thank you!!

    Concussion Information

    Former MLS superstar Taylor Twellman knows about Concussions - Do You? There's a law in WI that affects YOU. Read more about CONCUSSIONS.

    MAYSA 'Spirit of the Game'

    For Players and Coaches

    All events, tournaments, games and other activities sponsored by MAYSA and hosted at Reddan Soccer Park rely heavily on the “Spirit of the Game”. 

    What is the Spirit of the Game?

    The Spirit of the Game is an emphasis on sportsmanship, fun, respect-for-all and quality of play over winning, rivalries or trophies. Highly competitive play is encouraged but never at the expense of mutual respect among competitors, adherence to the rules and the basic enjoyment of participating.

    And Spirit of the Game is for Spectators too!

    Spectating is more fun when you

    1. Know the Laws of the Game, including special adaptations and specific rules for any event or tournament.
    2. Appreciate hard work and quality of play over winning and trophies. Cheer for great plays and hustle, by either team.
    3. Set your own best example. Take the high road regardless of how others behave.
    4. Overcome obstacles. View adversity of any kind as a learning, parenting or mentoring opportunity and not a reason to complain.
    5. HAVE FUN! This is why kids play the game. In many surveys, asked why they play, “Winning” isn’t even among the Top 10 reasons.

    Attitudes are Contagious

    'Attitudes are Contagious' is a hardhitting video (created by US Youth Soccer affiliate, MA Youth Soccer) about how adults can affect youth soccer, particularly how their behaviors can affect the retention and maturation of qualified referees. Worth watching.

    Wisconsin Youth Soccer

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    US Youth Soccer

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    US Soccer

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    Our Sponsors

    These fine organizations make what we do possible. Please show your support to these amazing sponsors and thank them for their commitment to our organization. Interested in becoming a sponsor?  Contact MAYSA Executive Director Chris Lay and thank you for your support!

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