League Format:

TEAM AGE GROUPS: Teams should be placed in the age group of  the oldest player(s) on the team.  For example, a team comprised of four players that have a 12U birth year and eight players that have an 11U birth year will be a 12U team.  This is an important distinction for participation in MAYSA League and also any tournament play.

  1. PLAYING UP:  In all instances for the league it is acceptable for players to 'play up'.  For example, a 10U  birth year player may play on and be rostered to a 11U team. Note: Actual team formation is determined by club policy and decisions.
  2. CLUB PASS POLICY:  a player may Club Pass to any team in their club as long as they are age appropriate. For example, a 11U birth year player rostered to a 12U team may club pass to a 11U team as they are age appropriate, but a 12U birth year player cannot club pass to a 11U team. This is consistent with the current WYSA Club Pass policy.
  3. Team/player roster team-types:
    • Teams & players may be designated either 'classic' or 'recreational' in the registration system, and play in any 11U-14U MAYSA League tier, however teams anticipating play in MAYSA League Tier 1 or 2 are better served as 'classic'. 
    • WYSA approved photo roster and birthdate verification are required in Tiers 1 and 2.
    • Teams 15U and above must be designated as 'classic' because high school age league divisions are considered competitive.  All teams in the high school age divisions U15 and above will be required to have WYSA approved photo roster to play.
    • As an additional consideration, teams that plan to participate in competitive tournaments should be classified by clubs as 'classic' to facilitate compliance with tournament and competitive league rules.
  4. MAYSA will collaborate with clubs to select and organize the league divisions.