MAYSA Coach Guidelines

WYSA Coach Pass - Required

Coaches for all MAYSA league teams are required to have in their possession a WYSA issued Risk Management Pass card (previously referred to as a Coach Pass) at all games to be on the team’s side of the field. To obtain a WYSA Risk Management Pass card, a coach must complete the coach registration/risk management form and submit it online to WYSA along with a headshot photo and the appropriate registration fee. This element is a part of WYSA’s RISK MANAGEMENT PROGRAM and is a requirement of membership with the US Youth Soccer Association.

Coaching Education - Certification and Licensure

MAYSA adheres to the WYSA’s Coach Licensing Requirements which state that the following apply to both head and assistant coaches:

  • Coaches working with U15 and older STATE LEAGUE teams are required to have, at minimum, a ‘D’ level coaching license.
  • Coaches working with U11 and older CLASSIC teams are required to have, at minimum, completed two in-person Grassroots Modules (one must be 9v9 or 11v11) or an ‘E’ level coaching certificate.
  • Coaches working with Rec teams  required to have, at minimum, a ‘Y1’  or 'Y2' level coaching certificate or completed one in-person Grass Roots Module.

MAYSA will work with WYSA to set up a sufficient number of Coach Clinics in the MAYSA district to provide opportunities for coaches to attain the proper levels of licensure to coach their teams.

MAYSA Code of Ethics: Coaches

The coach, the primary influence on the players, determines if the objectives of WYSA and MAYSA for youth soccer players are met.

8.1.2 Coaches

  • Must have a full understanding of the FIFA Laws of the Game and any adaptations.
  • Shall be familiar with MAYSA policies, including: Club Passing, use of Guest Players and MAYSA’s No- Recruitment Policy.
  • Shall emphasize the importance of participation, value of competition and player development over winning and losing.
  • Shall participate in the post-game handshake.
  • Shall refrain from negative coaching from the sidelines and refrain from yelling at players, opponents and game officials from the sidelines.
  • Shall be responsible for the actions of their players and spectators before, during and after a match. Coaches are expected to consistently ensure a safe and supportive environment for players on both teams and referees.
  • Shall be aware that only the team’s coach is permitted to provide feedback regarding the referee. Further, referee comments, questions or concerns may be directed to the Madison Area Soccer Referee Unit (MASRU) per the form available on the MASRU website,