Where do I start? A MAYSA Soccer Club!

Looking to play, coach, or find a team for your child?

MAYSA is the umbrella organization for more than 40 youth soccer clubs in this area of the state. Teams are formed by the soccer clubs.  Please contact a MAYSA club (see tabs ABOVE) to find out more.

You can start by looking for a soccer club in your community.

Madison residents: There are three community clubs in Madison, based on HS attendance areas.  Soccer clubs may be formed around other criteria as well. The complete list of clubs in MAYSA includes community clubs and more specialized clubs.

It is important to remember that there are no requirements dictating with which club anyone must register. When registering to play, participants are welcomed and encouraged to investigate which club best meets the needs of the player and the player's family. The best way to find the club that suits your needs is to look at the club website, and call a club representative to ask questions.