2024 Recertification Courses are now Open

2024 Grassroots Referee Recertification courses are now available in the US Soccer Learning center. Here is the link https://learning.ussoccer.com/referee/courses/available/6/course-info. If more than one course is open, please select the first one – they are all the same.


You may register for this course if you were registered in 2023. Once you register, you will have 30 days to complete the assignments in the Learning Center.


All of the course content is in the Learning Center for this registration period. There is no content in GameOfficials, and there is no in-person or virtual component required for 2024.


All Referees ≥18, or when you turn 18 are required to maintain a current status in the Learning Center for your background check & SafeSport. All Referees will need to keep a current status in their Safe & Healthy Playing Environments (Courses/Available Courses/ Supplemental Courses/Intro to Safety).


Within two to three weeks after you have completed the requirements in the Learning Center (including making sure your background check, SafeSport and Safe & Healthy Playing Environments are all up to date), your 2024 badge will be mailed. Watch for more information on the new assigning platform, REF INSIGHT.